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Had to stop juice at 11 1/2 days

Juicing was going well, no stomach or digestion problems.  However, the throat got worse, the mouth and tongue ulcers really hurt when I swallowed.  This was getting worse rather than better as I juiced. I did have some simple celery juice and it caused lots more coughing and choking and I could not breathe.  This… Continue reading Had to stop juice at 11 1/2 days

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Something is not quite right

Well after the successful 5 day juice fest, I tried more banana smoothies, and the coughing got worse, but then it stuck.  I had some form of inflamation in my windpipe, I think, that hurt everytime I ate anything.  It was worrying but I also got fatigue again and have spent time in bed reading… Continue reading Something is not quite right