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Had to stop juice at 11 1/2 days

Juicing was going well, no stomach or digestion problems.  However, the throat got worse, the mouth and tongue ulcers really hurt when I swallowed.  This was getting worse rather than better as I juiced.

I did have some simple celery juice and it caused lots more coughing and choking and I could not breathe.  This choking was getting worse from the first week.  I was getting worried.

I also woke on day 12 and did not want any more juice. I was having a really scary coughing session and breathing was difficult as I was choking.   I decided that I needed to end as I was getting  a bit scared.  Hoping it was detox and not something  very serious.

I heated up a homemade veggy meal from the freezer for my dinner and finally went to the toilet which I had not done for days.

I am now juicing celery and apple juice every morning but eating salad for lunch and veggy meal for dinner.   My coughing is a bit better so hoping that I am doing the right thing.  My ulcers are still sore but not getting worse so eating is slow but manageable.

So I enjoyed feeling happy and lighter on the fast.  I stopped losing weight after 6 days and started to put weight on.  However I have made my goal of being 9 stone.

I need to monitor my new diet plan and health reactions.  Will be back with the results.



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