medical medium · the dark side

Something is not quite right

Well after the successful 5 day juice fest, I tried more banana smoothies, and the coughing got worse, but then it stuck.  I had some form of inflamation in my windpipe, I think, that hurt everytime I ate anything.  It was worrying but I also got fatigue again and have spent time in bed reading again.

What should I eat?

I am looking at mediterranean diet.  I am looking at menopause diet.  I am looking at raw food diet.

It is very confusing as the fruit and veggies are aggravating my ‘thing’ but stews are not.  I give up.

Then I came across the medical medium.  This is really interesting and it could all be a type of herpes virus that is doing all my conditions.  If this was true…. wow.

Well he has a range of things to try,  which, of course, all cost money.

But he does like fruits and veggies, and my detoxing could be the killing of the virus.  It is a strong possibility so maybe I can juice fast again and see.  And introduce some things slowly.

I need to give it a try.



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