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Longer Juice Fast

I got so overwhelmed with everything that I suddenly did not want to eat anything as this caused the inflammation to itch and I was coughing and choking.   I decided to do another juice fast.

I went through jason vale’s 28 day juice plan and picked some more juice ideas and finally got together a frugal 7 day juice plan.   This worked out about 48 -55 pounds a week depending upon how much I could find at Lidl.  Looking at my veg garden, there is very little that has grown enough to help me out, so I may need a rethink for next year.

Well the juicing went better than previous times.  First I managed to finish sorting out my kitchen and downstairs is almost finished and I can finally move around more easily and my computer is visible and working again.

I also did not get the ‘hump’ until day 5 and I just had a mango as my SOS that had been on sale.  I kept going and I did 7 days and felt really good, except that, the inflammation was still there but not as bad, I had cold sores, mouth ulcers, itchy skin, sore throat, itchy scalp.  However, I was feeling less tired and my brain fog was gone.  I had lost some weight and had to redo my wardrobe.  Now all my size 16 and 14 clothes have been put away and my old size 12s are out and looking good.   My size 12 goal jeans are now a bit too big!!   I have bought a new size 10 jeans for a goal, but they did not fit.  I feel so good at size 12 that being a size 10 is not a goal right now.   I feel I need to wear the size 12s that I have and I feel I now need to focus upon getting toned.

Well today is day 10 and I have a routine.  As celery was on sale at Lidl, I got 8 heads, and I am now juicing celery, (medical medium idea) each morning.  I can not quite stand just celery, so I juice 1 head of celery and 1 apple, and I am loving this.

So I am not sure if I want to do 28 days of juice fast, but I have to do 14 days as I can not afford not to.  Meanwhile I still have time to read more medical medium and create a new 1 or 2 week food plan.  I am not a great soya fan, but it seems that soya is the menopause answer in terms of food, so I need to reconsider, unless I can find a medical medium answer.  So far he is saying that the herpes virus can masquerade as menopause so who knows.   But there is hope again.



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