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Juicing Day 6: I did it.. 5 days done Yeah!

Yes it is day 6 and I have done 5 days of juicing.  It was not as successful as I hoped and I really am down over the reactions that I had to fruit, but I am still determined to find a healthy diet that includes raw food, that my body is OK with.

The sun came out early this morning but I did not feel like juicing, so I drank water instead.  By 9.00am I was hoping that I could spend some time in the garden but the clouds came over and it was getting dark and cooler.  This could be good weather for me since I want to finish decluttering and cleaning the kitchen.  I have a clean space for the juicer, and some cupboards and drawers are all clean and tidy, but everywhere else is still looking messy and there are piles of stuff here and there still to sort out.  I can not think about proper food until this is all sorted, so that is the next thing on my to do list.  I just need to get some energy and motivation to get out of bed.  However, I am still doing some computer work and will aim to get dressed about 11.00am.

Before I got dressed I weighed myself and I was 9 stone 3lbs so I have lost 4 lbs.  This is the lowest I have been for several years.  Most of this will come back when I eat cooked food.  But I think 2 more juices this year will get me down to 9 stone properly.

A little difference in measurments as now 37:29:38

So now I need to write out some raw food recipes to try in the next few weeks.

For now I need to finish off the food in my cupboards and finish cleaning and decluttering my cupboards.



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