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Juicing Day 5: Less Gloomy

Woke about 7.30am with some horrible noise outside from nearby business site.  My cat was sleeping beside me so we snuggled.  I got up and fed the cat and the birds and grabbed some juice in a flask.  I did not feel like some juice so had lots of water.  My stomach was grumbling but felt a lot flatter and my pyjamas bottoms were feeling very loose.  Nice feeling.

I thought about solid food, and although I had been craving a stew with white potatoes, I did not feel like making one (did not have the ingredients either), and I told myself that it was much easier to juice.  I also have a spirulina drink today to look forward to.  I have still quite a bit of produce left, so I can continue to juice.

I am finding that making the second juice is a struggle for me.  I am thinking that I may continue to juice during the day but have something different, more solid, in the evenings to give a bit of variety.  I could sustain this for a few weeks.  In fact, during these weeks I can try some raw food salad and dressing recipes for evening meals.  I am hoping to find some that I like that I can these have for lunches during the cooler days and have warm soup in the evenings.  This is my current plan for the future.

My main goal is to lose a bit more weight and then to focus upon getting more energy.  I forgot to mention in my blogs that I have been jumping on my mini trampoline each day.  I could only manage a few jumps at first but now I am getting a few more in before I get a bit dizzy and my back complains.    I want to do more rebounding and stretching.  I need to be gently with myself.  I also need to do more weeding and hedge trimming but this needs more energy and strength than I have right now.  But I do feel that the juicing has cleared my mind and I have less aches and pains that I did before. I am also going to the toilet a lot.

The papers are full of the blast in Manchester which is shocking.  I really do not understand people who want to kill others just for their cause.  I am praying for everyone who was affected by this.

It is nearly the end of May, and the weather is very grey and cool.  I really hope that my energy and mood will improve when the sun comes out.  I feel brighter but I definitely feel that the weather is bringing me down.

I enjoyed a green juice during the day and then in the afternoon I had a Passion4JuiceMaster juice, but without yoghurt, I put in a little nut butter instead.  Suddenly the sun came out for a few seconds, so I took my juice and sat next to the pond with my cat.  I tasted the juice and it was nectar, so sweet.  But I drank 1/2 very quickly and then felt that it was sickly.  I felt like a heavy weight had landed in my tummy.  Fortunately it was not too bad and I lay in the warm weather watching the clouds go by.   The sun did not last long and went behind the trees and then it was too cold so I came back in.

It was not too long before I started coughing from the banana, but I also felt pain in my throat and tongue.  This happened before with pineapple.  I was really depressed.  If I cant have bananas, pineapple, oranges, figs, dried mangoes,… then I have a serious problem with fruit. and since I am better with green bananas, then it must be with the fruit sugars.  This is seriously going to be an obstacle to being raw again.   Then I was hit with a feeling of being drugged, tired and not able to move.  This was like I was when I had smoothies 2 weeks ago.  I went back inside to lie down and rest.  It took a couple of hours before I could get up a bit.

Later in the evening I had a strong need for solid food but did not want any more fat and I was coughing too much to have a banana, so I drank water and watched some TV to try and overcome the cravings.

I am definitely going to try more  juice during the day but i think I need to have some non juice options in the evening until I can sort out my allergies.

I am craving potatoes in a veggie stew because it is cold.  I am also craving salad pitta bread sandwiches.   Neither of these cravings are too bad, so I will test these on me next week and see what happens.

Meanwhile I have been spending my time this week collecting recipes from TannyRaw’s videos.  I want to test some of these and find a few salady meals with dressings that I like.  I am feeling more positive about this than having green smoothies.  This is my next goal to aim for.

I have to take my car into town on friday for its MOT, so I am waiting til then before I go shopping.  However, I still have some homemade soup in the freezer and this will be my first choice of food (so not so solid).




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