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Juice Day 4: feeling neutral

I woke up feeling Ok, not good, not bad.  I was not feeling the juice high but decided that today I had to make two juices.

I then had to go to the toilet.  Yes at last, a bowel movement which was  easy and healthy.

I searched for some raw food or juicing stories or journeys.  There are a few out there, but the more I learn the more confusing it gets.  That is how it was when I first went raw in the 90s.  I have read since (not sure where though) that there is a 1/3 rule that everything works for 1/3 of people, does not work for 1/3 and is neutral for the remaining third.  I feel that this is probably the best truth that I have come across.   There is definitely one raw truth out there.  That is that every successful raw food person has had ups and downs and finally found the unique way of doing it for them.

It seems that some people need high carbs, some need high protein, some need high fats.  If there is only 1 true way… then perhaps the differences are due to the specific weakness of the body.  I do believe that high carb, is good for people in warmer climates and who do lots of movement… and very difficult for those in colder climates who have a sitting down job or just cannot move well.  It is also more expensive to get your carbs from fruit…  and most of the fruit is this country is not of high quality.

I also have found that people with health problems will be told different things if they go to different practitioners.  So it may be a long time before they find the truth.   And in all that time perhaps listening to the body would have been easier and less expensive.

So having been to a lot of practitioners myself, with lots of test, and all with different reasons and results.  I am looking for answers myself.  I am finding that using the finger muscle testing technique is showing positive signs for me (I will do a blog on this later).  But mainly involves putting fingers together into circle and trying to pull this apart with the other hand.   Then asking the body for a sign of Yes and a sign of No.   For me I use the thumb and 4th finger or left hand and Yes is a strong connection and No the digits come apart.  this always amazes me and I use it to see if I can eat a food etc.  There is also a pulse test where you take your pulse at resting and then measure after taking food.  Your pulse will go up sharply if you have a sensitivity, of course you need to be resting again otherwise activity and stress will also raise your pulse.

Today, since I am feeling neutral, I drank water until 11.oo am when I made a Veggie Power juice.  This is quite green and usually it is the one that I do not like, however, this morning I am enjoying it.  I may have to change the juices around in this plan if I do it again.

Back to watching youtube videos on raw food diets.  Whilst I am not sure I can go 100% raw yet, I do want to get more raw food into my diet but in a way that does not shock my body or digestive system… or finances.

A couple of hours later I had bad indigestion and had several small bowel movements.  My pulse rate was quite high and my fingers said I had a problem with cucumber.  I went outside and rested and felt better again.

I made a juice at 5.00pm with apples, carrots, celery, lemon and kale.  I put in a lot of black kale and the juice came out very strong and bitter.  Took a while to drink but hopefully it will give me a good cleanse.

During the evening I had a lot of strange thoughts about death and felt really despairing of life.  I also had nightmares about death and about food.  I woke several times with night sweats and felt really low.  Perhaps too many greens.




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