Juice Day 3: Feeling a bit better

Last night I suddenly got itchy skin, but I woke up this morning and felt a whole lot better.  My cat jumped on my bed and snuggled up beside me so I decided to just stay in bed for a while.  But I wanted to get up and do something… can you believe that!

So got up fed cat, fed birds and thought about juicing but I did not want that, it was too early (it was about 8.30am so not too early).  I made some warm lemon water instead.  Then as it was still cold outside I got back into my warm bed and watched the movie “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”.

Fantastic film, really inspiring.  I made myself my morning juice which was pears, apples, lemon and sweet potato.  I drank some outside as the sun came out.  I was feeling good but still wanted more energy.  I did some washing and ironing but then I was tired again.  Then I went outside and did some gardening but suddenly got huge stomach pains so I stopped and lay down in the sun by my pond.  It still hurt so I went back inside and drank water and lay down for about 30 minutes.

I got back some energy and went for a walk in the woods with my cat.  I carried back some stones and finished off making a bamboo cage for my kale plants (still growing in the greenhouse).  I had to go back into the woods to persuade my cat to come back home, which fortunately, he did.  Then we both just lay next to the pond until the sun went in and it was cold again.

I still had some juice left and was a bit concerned that the sweet potato had caused the gut pain.  However, I have not had any bowel movements since I started juicing so there could  be some blockage in there.

I suddenly got the 5.00 pm slump and felt unable to move and just lay down in bed.  I could not cope with thought of making more juice so when I did get up about 7.30 pm I had half an avocado with a dash of thousand island dressing.  I have no idea why this works for me but for now I continue to choose it as my SOS.

I do not think I am getting in the right number of calories but my body is not wanting anything else.  Just the fat with the sauce.  I watched a film and went to bed.

I intend to juice twice tomorrow.




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