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Juice Day 2: The Hump

The first night was not good as I had a sore throat and I ended up going to the loo about 5 times so not much sleep.  Finally got some sleep about 6.00am so then did not wake up until about 11.00am.  Feeling tired still.  I got up fed the cat, fed the birds and got my flask.   What a great idea to put leftover juice in the flask so I could have it for breakfast.  The lemon kept it preserved and I was grateful.   But I still felt exhausted so decided to stay in bed.  I was feeling hungry about 2.00 pm so I got up and made my Ruby Tuesday juice.   Strange this is my favourite but this time I was not so enamoured.   I also got a sore throat again.  I wondered if it was a reaction to the pineapple which was also in last night’s juice.

Well about 5.00pm  I hit the so called ‘hump’ (I think that is what it is called).   I suddenly was hungry for food.  I did not want another juice…ever again.  I could not do this.  I was really fed up and exhausted and just wanted to stay in bed and never move again.

So I stayed in bed and listened to some raw food videos.  Not a good idea even the sight of celery (I used to hate celery and took 7 years to get to tolerate it in a juice) was appealing!  Had to stop watching videos.   Decided to just lie there thinking.

About 7.30pm the cat needed feeding so I got up and then decided to have an avocado since I still did not want any juice.   Yes I had a dash of the dreaded thousand island dressing.  Funny I tend not to have this when I eat cooked food!  The dressing was left over from last year.  It did the trick.  I watched a film and then went to bed.   Hoping that I could get through this.


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