Juicing Day 1:

Woke early and feeling neutral about juicing.  I forgot to print out my plan and realised that I forgot apples and ginger for apple and ginger shots (probably because I really do not like anything hot and spicy like ginger).  I bought some ice cube trays and I was going to juice some and freeze it as this sounded like a great  time saver trick.  However, I was too tired yesterday after my mammoth food buying trip.

So I am having water, and a herbal tea.  I still one cupboard of superfoods to sort out (well mainly throw out because they are all years out of date).   Then I can make my first juice.

My adaptation of Jason Vale 5day plan is that I make the two thin juices together in the morning.  Then I make the two thick juices together and have late afternoon.  Both juices will last me a few hours.  I usually get hungry on day 1 and 2 so my SOS is 1/2 avocado with (Ok I will admit it here) a dash of thousand island dressing!!.   I know but it worked for me last year.  I will try a dash of lemon juice and some spirulina this time, maybe i need a dash of vinegar,  I need to think what it is in the dressing that I like.

Last year when i was ill in bed, I got to my highest ever weight which was about 11 stone 5lbs or 159lbs.  My measurement were 41:34:43 inches.

I had done some juicing the previous year, but I kept putting on weight.  I even put on weight after 3 days of just water!!.   I assume this was stress and the menopause.   I only started to lose weight last summer when I was doing small juices every 3 or 4 weeks until about October when I got ill again.  I have maintained the loss which I think was about 24lbs.  I can not quite believe it but I know that I was a size 17 and now a size 13.  However as most clothes in the UK are 12 or 14, I need to lose a bit more weight to get into a size 12 which is still a bit big for me as I am only about 5ft 1in.   But I am comfortable with this size and weight.  I already feel much better about my size especially my stomach, but it is still work in progress.

I got on the scales this morning and I was 157lbs or 9 stone 7lbs.  Wow that is the lowest I have been for some time.  My measurements are 38:31:40.

This year my plan is to be a comfortable size 12.. so I can fit in some of my old clothes again (most are size 10 though), and to get fitter and healthier so that I can do more than 5 minutes of work and not get tired out.

I just have to get through this diet plan.  5 days, not a lot of time,  I can do this.  I have just printed out my juice plan and will be taping this to the kitchen cupboard so that I can follow it with ease.

(I also found a box of 6 mangoes for £3.50 at Asda…  I bought them,  they should be ripe by day 6 and will be my treat… if riper before, then they may become a few SOS treats.)

The day went well.  I had a green refresher in the morning which took most of the day for me to drink.  Then I had a Turbo Kick in the evening.  There was too much to drink so I put some in a flask to drink tomorrow.

I did not feel hungry and the little sliver of ginger that i put in the 2nd juice (that is all i can cope with) warmed me and I could still taste some heat when I went to bed.

So day 1 is completed.  Now to look forward to tomorrow.  I get to have a beetroot juice which I love.



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