Decluttering and ready to juice

Spent the last couple of weeks decluttering.  I have finished my bedroom and it is so nice to wake up in a clean, organised room.  I sorted out my wardrobe and put some clothes aside for selling at the recycling centre.

Then I started on the kitchen.  My mum gave me some money and I got my new kitchen tap working.  I am only half way through sorting out all the shelves, drawers and cupboards, but I hope to have it finished by the end of the week.  I also need to do a big clean of the floor which is tiled.   I will also try and clean the grout.

It feels really good and freeing to get rid of things.  I definitely believe that a lot of our energy is attached to our possessions and so is being wasted.  By getting rid of things that we dont need any more, that do not serve us any more, then we free up our energy.

Free space also will attract new better things into our life.

I followed my plan today and went to the city to get some beetroot and found that there was a new big LIDL.  I managed to get everything else for my 5 day juice plan for £31.  I was pleased.

I need to clear my work surface and make sure I have my juicer and chopping board and knife and peeler, all ready for tomorrow.

I am watching inspirational videos to get me motivated.

I was hoping for some warm weather to get me through the next 5 days, but whilst it was hot this morning, it then hailed!!.   What strange weather.

Anyway I am all ready for tomorrow and excited to find out what might happen.



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