starting the journey

lots of reactions!

4 days ago, the bananas were ripening up so I tried one.  I started coughing within the hour but not too bad.

Next day I tried a 4 banana, 2 dates, 3 Handfuls of kale green smoothie.  Within the hour I was not only coughing but had constriction in my chest and feeling of irritation and inflamation all night.

Next day I tried kale and pineapple smoothie.  Coughing reduced, but within the hour my tongue swelled up and was covered in about 5 very large painful ulcers.  Throat was sore.

Next day had 4 banana smoothie and the coughing soon started and then I had asthma attack.

I also had diarrhoea and stomach pains.

Looks like the green smoothies are out… I found that greens gave me diarrhoea and bananas brought on the asthma attacks last time, so looks like these results are more permanent that I thought.  I need to go back to the drawing board.

I think my raw steps need to concentrate upon salads and dressings.  A bit more of a challenge as I do not really like salads.  But I will attempt to change my tastebuds again.

Meanwhile, I am still trying to eat homemade meals from the freezer before I do a small juice plan.

I am trying hard not to be too depressed and frustrated.



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