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Get Yourself a Plan

I need to find a way back to better health, but having lost my job/career I need to do this on a small budget.

I have my ultimate dream and I have some smaller goals… stepping stones to the dream…. mapped out.

I do not have a detailed plan for the whole journey, but I have chosen my next step and I have a plan.

The next step for me is to go on a 5 day Juice diet.  I have created my own juice plan from Jason Vales 5 day plan, with some juices taken out and other juices put in.  This is because of allergies and because of the need to keep the cost low.

I have written out all the juices and ingredients into a document file which I will print out and attach to my kitchen cupboard so that I can see it every day.

I have also made a list of the ingredients that I need to complete the 5 day plan.   I have entered this all into the “MySupermarket App”.   Luck is on my side since it now covers Lidl and that is where I will buy most of my produce.  No it is not organic, but that is something that is too expensive for me right now.  I also have to find raw beetroot which you cannot get from Lidl.

So I also need a trip into the city to get some from another supermarket, where I can also get some cheaper petrol.  I need to do other things to make this trip worthwhile, so I am not going until next week.  I already need some bamboo canes for my garden, and some catfood… the supermarket choice will be the one with the best deal on catfood.  However, the city also has a lidl, so guess what, I am going to find it and shop there.  This will make the trip very worthwhile and interesting.    I am also going to go to the place that buys your unwanted clothes and goods.   Quite a full on day by the time I have driven everywhere.

So this is my plan.  I may even do the 5 day plan twice to get a 10 day in.  If I can eat bananas this week (bananas are still ripening) then I can add in some green smoothies and consider going raw for a few weeks, otherwise I will look at a 50% raw diet and add some cooked carbs for calories.  Right now I cannot plan until I have sussed out my allergies right now.  If I still can not eat bananas then I will try the EFT techniques to see if that would help.  Then I will need to reconsider my options.

By focusing upon the next step and what I need to do I wont get overwhelmed and I should be able to do it without stress. However, I need a back up plan if I can not find beetroot.  Right now I do not have one.  I am going to find some more green juices and make a 2nd shopping list.

Being prepared for problems is a good idea to ensure that life does not knock you off your plan.

Right now I am still emptying my freezer and cupboards of food so that I can save money and so that I do not have things that will tempt me.



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