starting the journey

The Universe always tests you!

Why is it that once you start your journey, plan, etc things start to go wrong!!

Well the Universe/God likes to test you to see if you are strong enough to continue with your journey or plan.

This can be quite hard, but the more difficult your journey will be, the more you will be tested.  These tests will make your muscles stronger so that you are fit for your journey.

Everytime I have made a commitment to change my life and start my plan, something has happened to stop me in my tracks.  I have to trust that I am going in the right direction and I just have to get over the obstacles.  When I do, I find that I have learnt new skills or had new experiences, or gained new wisdom that will indeed help me.

I had a lot of obstacles put in my way when I decided to access my pensions for money.  I almost gave up, but after 12 months I finally made it.

I also had a lot of health issues come my way when I decided to lose some weight and get more healthy. Last year after several juicing attempts I finally found a plan that worked and I lost 1 stone in weight.

Then I became ill again and I tried lots of things which did not work until I gave up chocolate.  Then when I thought everything was OK, my cat was seriously injured and the stress made me ill again.

I got my money last month and just when I though everything would be OK, my washing machine broke down and flooded my utility room, my freezer broke down, a storm destroyed my old satellite dish, and now my kitchen tap is broken and needs to be replaced.  Suddenly I am spending lots of money out of my emergency budget.  Thankgoodness my relatives gave me money for christmas.

And when I thought of starting this blog, my cat gets injured and the thought of vets bills and losing him is not a good start.  But I am going to find the strength to do it.

I have noticed this strange phenomena with others, once they start to change their lives, things strangely go wrong.  However, the ones that get past these obstacles and continue on their path or plan are the ones that succeed.  Those that fail at these obstacles would probably have never got far in their journey anyway.

The tests are sent to make sure you are committed or that you are ready for your journey.  The decisions and actions that you have to take will become new skills and tools that will support you on your journey.  So be grateful for these tests.  Show your bravery and courage and be proud that you can conquer these tests and move towards your goals and dreams.

So have you decided to change your life and then found you are presented with lots of obstacles to test your determination?


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