starting the journey

Get Yourself a Dream

Sometimes it might be fun to go on a journey and not know where you are going, but most of the time you need a destination.  However, the destination is not what makes you happy, It is the ups and downs of the journey there, the making progress on your journey that makes you happy because you feel empowered in your achievements.

Before you can make changes in your life, you need to have a reason why.   This can be in the form of a Dream.  You then can progress towards your dream.   Sometimes the dream can seem unobtainable, but this is OK.  Your dream is the ultimate dream.  You will not get there tomorrow, but each step you take will get you nearer to your dream.   And as you progress towards your dream, it will seem more and more obtainable.

So create a vision board of your dream.  Visualise yourself in your dream.    Make it real.   What can you see, hear, taste, feel, smell.

What is it like to be in your dream?  To feel happy, fulfilled etc.

Every day visualise yourself in your dream.  Know that as you move towards your dream, it is moving towards you.

A dream can be a measurable goal such as winning the marathon, climbing  a mountain, swimming across a river or to lose 28lbs of weight.

A dream can also be more abstract and unmeasurable such as becoming a great dancer, becoming healthy, finding happiness, become fit and slim.

The first type of dream has a goal that you can plan and aim for.

The second type of dream does not and it might be this type of dream that you can never obtain.  However, you can try and make some goals or some measures that will then keep you motivate.  So think about this dream.   How will you know when you have arrived.  This will form your goals.  What does happy mean?  What does fit mean?  What does healthy mean?

For me, I need to be healthy in order to do the things that make me happy.  My dream involves, having all the fruit and vegetables that I desire, even if I have to grow them myself.

I want to be able to carry things up my hill garden and do weeding and painting for more than 5 minutes before getting exhausted.  I want to be able to clean my house, to jump out of bed, to want to exercise and to love how it improves my figure, posture and mental outlook.  I want to stop being sick and tired or being sick and tired  I want to spend more time out of bed.  Play in the garden with my cat.  I want to dance more.  I want to feel that every day is a fabulous day.

These are a few of things that are part of my dream.  Can I plan for this, well not exactly.  What I can do is create some goals for this dream that will show my progress towards my dream.

I would like to get back into the clothes that I had when I was last raw, this might be too much of a challenge for me right now, but I lost 14lbs last year by juicing and I would like to lose 10lbs this year by juicing (and eating raw).

I would like to have more raw fruits and vegetables in my diet because I know they give me more energy and make my mind less foggy.  I do not readily like vegetables so I need to find some recipes that I do like. When I can make 1 week of recipes I will have achieved a goal.

I would like to do some exercise, no matter how small, every day and would like to be able to do rebounding and body blading and get better every day.  I dont have particular goals yet, but to do more each week is my first goal.

So these are some of the goals that I can plan for.  Not sure I can make a happy goal yet… I just hope that as I get fitter and healthier I will be happy.  If I wake up every day with a smile on my face at the start of the new day then that will be a good goal.  I will think about attracting things (not just material things) into my life that will make me smile, like seeing my cat curled up beside me, seeing the suns rays breaking through the curtains, hearing the birds sing,  looking out of the window at the beautiful trees etc.

I aim to focus upon the positive and not the negative whenever I can.

Yesterday I went for a walk with my cat into the woods backing onto my garden.  It was wonderful to be  there as there were bluebells everywhere and I felt blessed to be able to sit and appreciate them.

I will post a picture once I get it off my camera.


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