starting the journey

Stop Making Excuses!

I do not have the energy.  I do not have the money.  I do not have the time.  I do not have the support.  I do not have the skills.  I do not…. I do not….


I am too old… too young… too short…too tall….too poor…too stupid etc etc.

We all love to give reasons why we can not do something.  Why we can not change.  But guess what?  These are ALL EXCUSES.

So if you want to change, then write down all the reason why you can’t.

Now ask yourself Is this Really True?

In most cases they are not true?

So label these reasons as excuses.

Now see these excuses as challenges to solve.

Time related excuses:  We all have the same amount of time so make some time for change.   Make a time diary and find out how you are spending your time.  Then work out how to find time to make a change.   You only need 5 minutes a day to work towards your dream.

Money related excuses: There are many people in the world with less money than us and there is always a way to find or make more money.   Work out your budget.  Work out how much money you need.   Find money in your budget by sacrificing some other expenditures.  Or find a way of earning money.   Advertise as a cleaner for a few hours a week if necessary.  Declutter and sell some of your belongings.  There is always a way.

Health related excuses:  In some cases health can be a hindrance, but by working towards better health you can then move towards your dream.  Changing your diet is a big step in improving your health.   Doing exercise will improve your health,  just do a little each day until your can do more.  Try out many different activities you don’t have to go to a gym.

I cant change:   Yes you can.  Learn how to change your mindset, visualise what it would be like to be different.  Could you be more tidy.  Could you look after yourself better.  Could you learn a new skill.  Could you make new friends.  Could you give up your addictions.  Could you get some help and a plan.

Family and Friends:  sometimes you have to put yourself first in order to be a better family member or friend.  You cant change your family but you can discuss how they can help you to change.  You can give up unsupportive friends.  You can find new supportive friends.  Your family will be supportive once they find that you are serious and see the good results, and that you are a much better person when you are happy and healthy.

I am too……(fill in the blank)…   No you are not. And people think you are then become famous for being the oldest/youngest/tallest/shortest/fattest/thinnest/stupidest etc person to do it.

So what are your reasons/excuses?

Write them all down and say Is this really true?

Turn them into challenges and find ways to make them false.

I used to have money but no time to eat properly and no energy to keep being different when being with my work colleagues.  So  I had to give up my job to give me time to eat properly.

But now I have time but no money to eat properly and still have allergic reactions to the healthy food that I want to eat.  I have to make this a challenge to resolve rather than an excuse not to try.

There is EFT.  A tapping technique that I have tried to help decrease my allergies.  I need to try this again for bananas.

I have developed my budget in a spreadsheet and how much I can spend over the next 4 years!!   I have lots of parameters I can change and enjoy playing around with the figures to find a bit more for eating healthy.   I know how much I can spend and keep to my budget.  I do have a small budget for seeds and compost so that I can grow fruit and veg in my garden in the hope that I will be able to grow healthy food and save some money.

I dream of eating raw food but the reality is that I do not like most raw vegetables and salads.  I can not use this as an excuse.  I will challenge myself to find recipes that I do like and learn to love a wider variety of vegetables.


I cant afford raw food on my budget:  Organic food is beyond my budget right now so I need to focus upon non-organic food.  I will continue to find ways to get cheaper food and I am open to the Universe sending me some.

On my budget I cannot find a way yet to afford it.  I can eat cheap unorganic produce as a start and grow my own to get more organic food into my system.  I can search for wholesalers or other cheaper options in my area once I know what I want to eat.

I am allergic to everything:  Yes my last test said I could only eat meat, nuts, apples, carrots, celery and lettuce!!!   Nothing else.  well that is too restrictive and I have to retest this and find ways of changing my allergies/intolerances.

I dont have the energy or strength to do exercise:  I need to move more to get healthy.  I am willing to do small amounts of exercise each day and will look for fun ways to do this.  I will stop making excuses and commit to do a little bit of exercise each day, no matter how little.  I may just do a bit of dancing, or cleaning, or gardening, or just walk up and down the stairs.  If I am stuck in bed ill, then I will clench my stomach or bum muscles a few times!!

I know that even small changes have a way of making a difference.  Even a small difference is a good achievement and this will make me want to do better.



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