starting the journey

Back in my own Bed

I have had an exhausting and frustrating day, but here I am back in my own bed with lovely clean sheets and shrivelled fingers from having a bath.  I feel better than I have done all day.  I still have little energy but most of it was used up trying to get 3 webcams to work so I could do a ‘Before’ photo/video.   They would not work, I could get sound but no picture, or a picture but no sound.  I downloaded drivers and looked for help but nothing seemed to work.  My webcam worked on my computer before windows10, seems it is too old now.  My laptop internal webcam does not have sound and would not recognise the computer webcam.  I also was not helped by my cat who thought it was funny to keep knocking the webcam off.  I finally gave up and had my tea and washed my hair and had a bath.

Now I have had some time to think about my blog and I feel very strange and vulnerable and a bit stupid for doing this.  For putting it all out there for anyone to read.  Well it is more likely that no-one will read this and so I am safe to write from the heart.

Tomorrow is another day.  And hopefully I will wake up a bit more refreshed and with enough energy to go to Lidl as they have cotton t-shirts on offer and I want some.  3 for £5 is an offer I cannot refuse.  I also want lots of lettuce and some pitta breads, I have tins of tuna that need to be used up.  I think I have food in the freezer to last a couple of weeks and the money I save will then go towards a week of juicing.  I am waiting for the warm weather to appear, and for me to find out where I can get some raw beetroot.  I may have to travel to the nearest city to get them as I can’t any them in the town.

I am still preparing for my journey and I am not going to rush myself.  I want to take small steps so that I can feel safe and wont fall back down my stairway.  It is like going up a steep dangerous mountain.  I would rather go slowly and surely than rush and fall.

I only had one dizzy spell today but 11 hot flashes and a couple of panic sessions.  My throat is sore and voice is croaky which I think is from having a couple of dry mangos.  Looks like dried fruit is off the menu again.

Ok I need to go now as I feel a hot flash coming on me.


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