starting the journey · the dark side

Day 1 and 2: Trials and Tribulations

I was going to do a simple day by day account of my journey to better health and last week I had some ideas for posts.  I started my first post and then life happened… or the Universe decided to test me!  And I was back in the Dark Place.

My beloved cat got injured a 3 days ago.  He was limping and clearly in lots of pain when I tried to touch his chest or his leg.  I decided to move my bed sheets downstairs and sleep on the sofa bed with him so that he did not go upstairs.   Well not sleeping much to be honest..

Being bank holiday weekend there was no vet open to take him to… and I am not good at going to the vets as he does not like getting into the vet box.

He was too stressed to be touched and so he lay down next to me all night.  I was very stressed and rang my mum who of course could not understand or hear me properly and it took several attempts to explain the situation by which time I just wanted to say forget it I wanted support and I should know by now you never give it.  Aaaargh.

So I did not get much sleep and did lots of thinking instead.  well lots of imagining the worst!  I did pray and ask for guidance from all angels and god and universe and spirits etc.  I asked for healing hands and placed them above his leg and chest.  I could not do much and so did some blog posts.

A miracle happened and about 30 hours later, he got up and was not limping so badly and he climbed onto the top of the sofa and jumped down and I was so relieved.  This was yesterday.

Meanwhile I have not been able to eat anything as I felt sick in my stomach.  I drank a couple of herbal teas.   I even drank some water.   I put out some food and then celebrated by doing some vacuuming of my bed (which was now empty and so ripe for a good cleaning.  I managed to eat a couple of dried figs and then went back to check on my cat who was now ready to go outside.

I let him out, and then felt strange.  Suddenly I just felt drugged and had to lie down.  Every time I tried to get up the world was spinning.  I remained like this going in and out of consciousness for several hours before I could get up again.  I had to do my Positional Vertigo exercises and then felt much better. My cat was looking at me and whining as he needed more food.

It was now late last night so I watched some raw food videos to try and make me tired.  It was too late to eat much.  I was not sure if the figs or the vacuuming had caused the reaction.  I then fell asleep for 13 hours!!!   I awoke to my cat needing more food!

I then felt tired all today so did not feel like doing much.  I just kept watching the cat to check if he was OK.  So much for progress on my journey.  However I have committed to do something each day and so I have done some blog posts and I have gone outside and put out my potato bags from the greenhouse now that I think the frosts have gone.  I have also jumped on my mini trampoline a few times and turned my mattress around.   But then I felt really tired again so I am back in bed doing my blog.  But I am so grateful that my cat seems OK and that I am still alive.  I fell better that I have not given up and I have done something, no matter how small, to do something.

It is so true that the Universe sends you tests when you start your journey.


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