starting the journey

Claiming the Problem

The first step on your journey to anywhere is to decide to do it and find a good reason why you need to do it.  You need to claim the problem and the need for change.

In most cases there is a serious problem before you will change.  In other cases you just need a challenge to grow.

When I was working my problem was my painful back condition and a feeling that I exhaustion from commuting and travelling.  I was also being underused at work and I needed a change and a new challenge.  I got it when I lost my job.  I had redundancy money but it would not last forever.  I thought I could have a rest and then look for a new challenge.  But when I hit menopause I felt so bad that I found it a challenge to keep going for interviews and being rejected for younger less experienced people.  I then lost the use of my right arm and could not drive etc.  This took most of last year to resolve and I never did get my hospital appointment!!

I had the problem of money and spent my time looking into possibilities.  I had made some money in my investments but I could not touch it.  But I then reached the age where I could dip in and so I went for it.  It was not as easy as they say but I kept on chipping away at the organisations until I found a way to make it happen.  I now had the problem of trying to thrive on a small budget.  I love spreadsheets and budgeting so I worked out my budget and plan.  The money all arrived by end of Feb this year, and I used my investments to pay off my mortgage and give me a small income for 4 years.  Then I would receive a small pension.   I did need some more money but I decided that I had to get healthy in order to earn more money.

So with stress much reduced and asthma and migraines seemingly gone, I can now turn to getting  better health and enjoying my time at home whilst thinking about what new challenges and new ways of earning money could exist for me.

The future is looking brighter.  But I need to sort out my tiredness and lack of energy.  Since diet helped in the past, especially raw food, I am hoping that raw food will help again.




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