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Admitting that YOU need to Change.

Once the problems (there is never just one) have been identified, the next step is to admit that YOU are the one that has to change or make changes in order to solve the problems.  You in some way, directly or indirectly, have caused or attracted the problems to you.  In some cases you may have been born with a health problem, but you can see this as a problem or a gift.

In order to makes changes you have to admit there is a problem, identify it, and identify what your are doing to support this problem.  Admitting how you might have contributed to the problem is a huge start to resolving this.   Often people will blame everything and everyone else for the problem and not themselves.    Once they identify their contribution they can then start to change their behaviour and mindset and this is the first step to changing the situation.

It is your decisions and behaviours that have led to this problem or increased the problem.   In some cases you did something and this is the consequence, in some cases it is because you did not do something.

If you find yourself in a bad situation then get out of it.  Of course it is not that simple but if you keep on doing what you are doing …. you will keep on getting what you are getting.  YOU have to change.  You have to make changes, no matter how difficult.   For example, If you are fat and unhealthy, you know that you have to make changes if you want to be thin and healthy.  If you are in a bad relationship or job then you need to change your behaviour in order to revive the relationship or job or make painful decisions to end it.  If you find yourself in debt you need to change your behaviours to get out of it.  If you are addicted to something then you have to change your mindset to change your behaviours to conquer the addition.   But you have to admit that your behaviour is contributing to the problem and change it so that it is resolving the problem.

You may need help and support to do this.  It will not be easy to do it on your own.

Often you do things out of fear or duty but these turn out not to be in your own interest.  You might do things that you do not want to do because you love another person.In my case, the desire for a career and money led to a life of hard work and long commuting.   I had money but no time and no family and few friends.  I enjoyed the challenges and work at first but it took its toll on my health, especially when the type of work that I was skilled in started to dry up.  My soul longed to be more appreciated where innovation and creativity was respected.   I knew deep inside I needed a change but was unable to do this myself because I had financial commitments.  However, I did start to save money and invest it.  Whilst I made a lot of  money, I also lost a lot of money,  but I was fortunate enough to end up with enough to pay off my mortgage and give me a few years of income.

I believe that deep down I attracted my redundancy because I really needed a rest and a change.  If I was not going to do it myself through fear, then the Universe would do it for me.

Whilst I was open to new jobs and challenges, and went to interviews no jobs came my way and then I got really ill.  So the situation seemed more desperate and I had to think about the possibility of never being able to work again!

So now I had to change my life for better or for worse.

I needed to change my spending habits.

I needed to get over my fear of not having an income

I needed to fight the system to make sure I got access to my pensions

I needed to see myself as healthy person with more than enough money

I had to trust the Universe would support me through it all

I had to trust that there was a way to better health if I was willing to do something about it

I had to form new dreams for myself

I had to learn to accept help from people

I had to learn that freedom was more important than money

I had to learn that my freedom meant that I could be whoever I want to be.

I had to learn to live a new life.

I had to be open to new opportunities.


Remember once you have identified the problem, identified what you are doing to contribute to the problem, and committed yourself to change then the hardest part is over.  You have stepped on the ladder to success.


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